It might be one of Atlanta’s oldest buildings, but the Fabulous Fox is ensuring there is nothing outdated about its building performance.

The Fox Theatre’s previous sustainability efforts include replacing the lightbulbs in its marquee with LED bulbs in 2009.
Photo credit: Michael West

The iconic theatre has teamed up with Southface Institute again, this time to implement the BIT Building program. Through this new initiative, Southface will help managers identify and remedy inefficiencies in building operations. According to the Fox Theatre’s director of operations, Scott Christopher, this partnership will set a new standard for resource-efficiency in Atlanta.

“In addition to the theater’s presence as an artistic hub, we have a robust history of commitment to sustainability and building efficiency in our previous work with Southface,” Christopher says. “In 2011, we joined the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge, in 2012, the Midtown Greenprints program, and in 2014, Southface worked for us through Grants to Green. When we heard about BIT Building, we recognized it as an opportunity to further raise the bar.

From their first BIT Building meeting with Fox Theatre representatives, Southface immediately found practical ways for the historic venue to function more efficiently. The Southface team sees the Fox Theatre as a logical partner, both for its value to the city and its track record of sustainability efforts through the years.

“BIT Building is a perfect fit for our beloved Fox Theatre,” says Southface’s Shane Totten, Director of Education and Research.

“The theater’s operations team has facility expertise and is passionate about making progress. BIT Building will give them a sound framework, with tools to holistically improve the building’s performance.”

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