What do you get when you combine one of Broadway’s longest-running musicals, Wicked, with one of the most popular movies of all time, Star Wars

Wicket, a musical parody told from the perspective of the Ewoks will be performed by players at Dad’s Garage, 569 Ezzard St., Sept. 15-Oct. 21.

Written by Travis Sharp with music by Haddon Kime, the show was first performed at the theatre in 2017 and audiences have been clamoring for a return. 

Much like Wicked explores the life of the witches before Dorothy came blowing in to Oz, Wicket follows life for the cuddly Ewoks before Luke, Han and Lei made their way to Endor. 

Watch as these cute yet deadly creatures sing and dance to share their story of what was really going on in the Galactic Federation.

For more information, visit dadsgarage.com.

Photo: Logo for Dad’s Garage revival of Wicket