The show must go on! Atlanta’s historic theatre’s normal operations may be temporarily postponed, the company’s resourceful team has created a way to invite guests into the venue with a completely new experience.

“While we remain temporarily closed in light of COVID-19 concerns,” shares the theatre in a statement. “We are opening our doors virtually to fans through a new digital Behind-the-Scenes series!”

The theatre has yet to release an exact premiere date, but it should be soon. The video series takes fans to parts of the venue rarely accessible to the public–even to in-person tours.

“The biweekly series will explore areas of the not often seen by guests – from the Hospital Room and backstage to our Archives and Projector Room.”

The Fox Theatre encourages fans to stay tuned for further updates regarding the new tour experience. While we wait for the first episode, check out a sneak peek below, hosted by Fox 5’s Paul Milliken!

Click here for more information and to donate to the Fox Theatre.

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