Is there an old shooting range in the basement’s plaster shop?
Plausible: The holes in the back wall of the plaster shop may have been made by electrical workers testing their “ram set” nail guns against the wall.

Gone with The Wind premiered at the Fox.
False: Gone with the Wind premiered at the Lowe’s Grand.

The crystal for one of the stars in the sky was replaced with a glass Coca-Cola bottle bottom.
True: A piece of a Coca-Cola bottle was recently found in the auditorium’s sky near House Left.

The arcade was once a bowling alley.
False: There was once a bowling alley north of the Fox on Peachtree Street and people may associate that with the Fox because they were close together.

The arcade was once a gymnasium.

People have been stuck in the elevators overnight. True: The Fox Theatre’s on-site coordinator for events in the ballrooms was unable to get out of an elevator  one night following an event in the ballrooms.

The arcade was built as a gym or pool for the Shriners.

The original entrance to the theatre was planned to be on Ponce de Leon Avenue, but was changed to the Peachtree Street (Arcade) entrance during the design and construction phase of the building.