The Atlanta Fox Theatre lighting was a crowning achievement in its day. The light bulb was still relatively new and modern, yet the Fox’s fixtures were created in the illusion of antiquity, foreign mystique and opulence.

  • The theatre lighting was designed to enhance the overall ambience of the architecture, it was not merely for the sake of illumination.
  • Original blueprints for the Fox specify bulb wattage for each fixture.
  • The Sterling Bronze Company was responsible for providing most of the original lighting still seen in the theatre’s interior today.
  • Many of the light fixtures you see in the theatre were handcrafted and hand-painted in 1929.
  • The auditoriums ultramarine blue sky contains 96 twinkling stars that are 11-watt bulbs fixed above four-inch crystals that form actual constellations as they would be seen from the North African sky; the drifting clouds are produced by a special projector.
  • The jeweled proscenium lanterns hanging over the stage are reproductions of the chandeliers hanging in the St. Louis Fox Theatre.