New Worlds: Georgia Women to Watch,an art show featuring five emerging Georgia women artists contemplating a strange and uncertain future, will open January 27, 2023 and run to June 4 at the Atlanta Contemporary.

New Worlds: Georgia Women to Watch offers an opportunity to speculate on what our shared destinies might hold. Organized by the Georgia Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the exhibition examines how societal conditions have impacted artists’ visions for the future or inspired them to create alternative realities. When women artists envision a different world, how does that look?

New Worlds was co-curated by Melissa Messina and Sierra King. One of the artists will be chosen from the Georgia exhibition for an exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., slated for spring 2024.

The Women to Watch exhibition is a highly competitive exhibition held approximately every three years. A Georgia-based curator is invited to select a group of five Georgia women artists whose work fits within the exhibition’s theme. The program is designed to increase the visibility of, and critical response to, promising women artists. Additionally, the program seeks to incorporate high quality art professionals into the committees’ activities. Women to Watch is an exhibition program that features underrepresented and emerging women artists. The previous Women to Watch exhibition in 2020 was curated by the High Museum of Art’s Wieland family curator of modern and contemporary art, Michael Rooks.

Photo: From left to right: Featured artists Namwon Choi, Shanequa Gay, Marianna Dixon Williams and Victoria Dugger (center). Not pictured: Anila Agha. Image courtesy of Sierra King/@sierrachasity