Radio theatre is getting a 21st century comeback.

On Friday, Actor’s Express will launch its first-ever serialized podcast series, Crossroads. This comes about as a commission from the theatre to six BIPOC Atlanta writers to write an original adventure drama taking place throughout time and space.

In the words of the company

“As an African-American woman, the fight for equality, diversity, and inclusion in theatre is daunting at times. On certain days theatre seems to make significant progress. On other days, it seems the theatre industry is in the same place that it was 50 years ago—with my voice being silenced, misinterpreted, or only used to tell the African-American culture story.”

“I used the word “daunting” because, in my mind, it implies the struggle but also the continuation of working toward a better tomorrow. When assembling this cohort of playwrights, I wanted to amplify people of color’s voices, but I also wanted them to feel free to write about life’s intersectionality. Crossroads has turned into a beautiful, adventurous story by people of color, about people of color, and for people of color.”

-Amanda Washington, Crossroads director

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, Actor’s Express has been experimenting with different ways to bring stories to our audiences. Like most other theatres during this time, we have sought ways to turn the challenges of the moment into opportunities to expand our notions of what theatre can be.”

“Amanda Washington, our National New Play Network Producer in Residence, had a podcast drama idea. She and I brainstormed about the shape it would take, and we are excited by the process.”

-Freddie Ashley, AE Artistic Director

About Crossroads

It is the journey of living and what someone will sacrifice in order to live.

Three friends feel stuck in their lives in a dead-end town. One evening, they kill time in an abandoned playground and fantasize about the changes they’d make in their lives if given the chance to trade their souls. Their innocent game unwittingly catapults them into a dangerous adventure that hurdles them through time and space into a strange world that brings them face-to-face with the Devil herself. Crossroads challenges concepts of Earth and Hell, and explores the limits we’ll go to in the search of life, happiness and liberation.

“Crossroads” was made possible by a grant from the National New Play Network and Lead Sponsors Mark Williamson and John and Pat Valleroy.

Meet the Cast


Crossroads will have seven episodes, streaming on Apple and Spotify. Patrons may pre-subscribe now and will be notified when new episodes are uploaded after the first one drops tomorrow. Crossroads can also be found on the Actor’s Express website:

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