A comedic, one-person show is streaming next week from the Shakespeare Tavern.

Quick facts

Next week, the Shakespeare Tavern is presenting Dani Herd’s To Thine Own Self, or Your Taste in Pancakes will Reveal Which Shakespearean Heroine you Are (Maybe), directed by Kati Grace Brown. This performance will stream for free as a Facebook Live event on November 20 at 7:30pm with the option to stream it for a fee after the fact.

About To Thine Own Self

Sea shanties, self-deprecation and sincerity. Actor, writer and comedian Dani Herd takes a break from making a splash in the spicy world of fan fiction to return to the Shakespeare Tavern for an evening of self-reflection and some hard truths about deep fried appetizers. Be aware! Strong language and adult themes abound!

Signature Cocktail Sea Shanty Spritzer

Drink Along!

2 Parts White Rum
1 Part Blue Curacao
Top with Lemon Seltzer Water
Garnish with Pineapple and Plastic Pirate Sword (Arrrrgh!)

How to stream

Visit the event Facebook page here to stream the play live on Friday night.

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