Holy Spirit Preparatory School seeks to create a unique communion of joy among students, their families, and its faculty and staff, in the context of a pre-eminent pre-K2 through 12th grade Catholic college preparatory school. The goal is to prepare its students for a lifetime of happiness by inculcating in them three foundational virtues.

  • First, to have a deep and abiding faith in God’s blessings and love for them.
  • Second, to exercise prudence – the ability to make good decisions for the rest of their lives – by obtaining a rigorous academic foundation, accompanied by the use of their own powers of reason.
  • Finally, to embody magnanimity – a greatness of character and of soul – such that they may go through life with a spirit of courage, a spirit of joy, a spirit of kindness, and a spirit of generosity.

4495 Northside Dr. N.W., Atlanta, Ga. (404) 252-8008. Schedule a tour.