Paste magazine has named its Top 10 theater cities in America — and Atlanta is among them.

theater tix colorPaste ranks Atlanta seventh in a group led by New York, Chicago and Boston, and including San Francisco, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Louisville, Houston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Terrific theater towns like Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Seattle and Portland, Ore., did not make the list.

“Yes, new tax incentives from Georgia have made Atlanta the new place to shoot blockbuster superhero movies and zombie TV shows,” Paste’s Graham Techler wrote. “This is good news for everyone in the Peach State who works in entertainment, but it’s especially good for the dedicated actors who have made Atlanta their home and built a regional theater scene to rival Boston’s. You’ve got the Alliance, Horizon, Aurora, True Colors Theatre Company (run by live-TV-musical/August Wilson maestro Kenny Leon), Actor’s Express and Atlanta Shakespeare Company. You also have the Center for Puppetry Arts. Puppetry arts!”


Actor's Express, one of seven theaters specifically mentioned by Paste, opens "Little Shop of Horrors" this weekend. Photo: Ashley Earles-Bennett
Actor’s Express, which opens “Little Shop of Horrors” this weekend, was one of seven theaters mentioned by Paste.

Among others, Paste did not mention such reputable professional companies as 7 StagesGeorgia Ensemble Theatre, the women-centric Synchronicity Theatre, the outdoors-only Serenbe Playhouse, the Celtic-themed Arís Theatre, the French-language Théâtre du Rêve or the Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival, which opens for a second year on July 30.

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