PushPush Theater, one of Atlanta’s more adventurous organizations, is vacating its Decatur space after nearly 10 years, and diving into a two-year transition that will include new venues, partnerships and additional staff.

The company, co-founded by actor Shelby Hofer and actor-director Tim Habeger, her husband, is run by artists and focuses on theater, film, and a blend of the two.

“We’re ready to focus more directly on our work,” Hofer said in a news release. “Too much time, money and other resources have gone into maintaining a traditional arts facility. We want more of our energy and income to bolster new programming and people.”

Co-founders Shelby Hofer and Tim Habeger.

The new PushPush’s first project is the development of a digital arts network built around an episodic series called GRFX, or graphics. The filmed series will try to tell the story of a new creative class and the battle between higher aspirations and cultural differences. It comes from the company’s 16 years of arts service, production and international activity.

PushPush will partner with other arts organizations, studios, galleries and other spaces in and outside Atlanta for projects in the next year. Hofer and Habeger will leave their East Decatur Station facility by October. They are looking for office and studio space.

PushPush will continue to present artists, workshops and performances and work with current partners to continue key programs — the International Portal Project, the Dailies Film projects, Write Club Atlanta and three new literary performance projects.

The changes are backed by a new media grant from the National Endowment for the Arts — $75,000 over two years — and PushPush fundraising.

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