The Alliance Theatre, in association with Andre Benjamin, Moxy Entertainment, Cartoon Network, and Tom Lynch Productions, is holding auditions for CLASS OF 3000 LIVE!

Based on Cartoon Network’s animated television series created by Andre Benjamin (Outkast’s Andre 3000) and Tommy Lynch, CLASS OF 3000 will come to life on the Alliance Stage as CLASS OF 3000 LIVE!

Type of Contract: TYA
Production Dates:
First Rehearsal: 2/3/09
First Preview: 3/4/09
Opening: 3/7/09
Closing: 3/29/09

Open auditions for the roles of Sunny and Lil’ D will be held on Monday, December 29. Looking for African American adult male singer/movers who are available for full-time, daytime rehearsals and performances. Character descriptions are as follows:

Sunny Bridges is the character modeled on Andre Benjamin. An international singing sensation, Sunny becomes disillusioned with the shallowness of his celebrity lifestyle and returns to his hometown of Atlanta to re-coup. Sunny is low-key and agreeable, but unwavering about what is really important in life. He sings and moves beautifully.

Lil’D – Lil’D is an Atlanta “street kid” who attends a performing arts middle school. He is totally enamored with Sunny Bridges. He is rough-edged and says whatever comes into his head. He sings and dances and has boundless energy. He is unafraid to take risks in order to “live” his dream. He is a leader.

Anyone interested in auditioning should call 404-733-4622 and leave their name and contact number. We will call you back with an audition time for the 29th. Actors will be asked to perform one upbeat contemporary song, either Pop, R&B, or Hip Hop style. A capella or cd. Please bring a picture and resume.