Six time Grammy winners, The Chieftains are now recognized for bringing traditional Irish music to the world’s attention. They have uncovered the wealth of traditional Irish music that has accumulated over the centuries, making the music their own with a style that is as exhilarating as it is definitive. Although their early following was purely a folk audience, the range and variation of their music quickly captured a much broader public, making them the best known Irish band in the world today. In their 40 years together, The Chieftains have performed around the world, including China, Berlin, and the Capitol Building of Washington DC. They have performed with many symphony and folk orchestras worldwide, and have broken many musical boundaries by collaborating and performing with some of the biggest names in rock, pop and traditional music in Ireland and around the world. As Ireland’s Official Musical Ambassadors, The Chieftains are as comfortable playing spontaneous Irish sessions as they are headlining a concert at Carnegie Hall. After all these years of making some of the most beautiful music in the world, The Chieftains’ music remains as fresh and relevant as when they first began.