Need something to brighten your day? Lift your spirits? Change your mood? Try a Mood Beam. These mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic critters are more than just a light; they are personable companions you can adjust to fit your mood. Mood Beams are portable, available in a spectrum of colors and have five different light shows (heartbeat, rainbow, strobe, color dance and color hold). The best part is Mood Beams can change any room into a party. They are sound sensitive, so if you put your Mood Beam by a music player, it will flash its colors to the beat. You can’t choose which figure you get when ordering online (unless you buy on eBay), so you may want to purchase the whole set at once.

Where to buy it:

Mood Beams ($17-20 each, or $60 for a set of four) are available online from Find local retailers at