While Atlanta theatre fans eagerly await the delayed premiere of The Pretty Pants Bandit, we have a recording studio preview of one of the songs! Featuring the vocal talents of Austin Taylor, Juan Carlos Unzueta and AJ Klopach, with accompaniment from Chase Peacock and Jessica De Maria, the song is called “Big Boy Dreams.”


Encore previously announced that this original musical would get its premiere at Georgia Ensemble Theatre in April 2021. This represents a proud moment for the Atlanta theatre community as the piece is written by local performers Chase Peacock and Jessica De Maria, both recently (ish… because COVID) seen in Horizon Theatre’s Once.

Known professionally as the writing team “Chase and Jessica,” the pair previously premiered the haunting Vivian in October 2017 in the Atlanta Lyric Theatre’s’s intimate Studio in the Square.

From the Pretty Pants Bandit team

“I came across Marie Baker, (known as “The Pretty Pants Bandit”) doing research for another show I was in. This was a real-life woman leading a gang of men who marauded through Miami from 1932-1933. She was notorious for her beauty, and for “pantsing” the men she robbed at gunpoint.

“When Chase said he really wanted to do a female-driven musical for our next project, I jumped at the chance to introduce him to Marie.”

The Pretty Pants Bandit co-creator Jessica De Maria

About The Pretty Pants Bandit

From housewife to hero – Marie Baker, her gang, and one infamous pair of guns took the country for a year-long ride that would make headlines. Notoriously leaving the men she robbed with their pants down, her evolution became a revolution. Set against the sparkling and scintillating backdrop of 1930s Miami, The Pretty Pants Bandit will steal your inhibitions and your heart.

Visit ChaseandJessica.com for more information about The Pretty Pants Bandit.

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