In honor of the spooky season, one of Roswell’s theatres is bringing back the magic of radio plays.

Just the facts

This week, Georgia Ensemble Theatre presents the second of three haunting radio plays, The Dunwich Horror, streaming on their website through October 30.


Featuring: Hugh Adams, Natalie Baker, Billy Barefoot, Alden Burroughs, Christa Burton, Ellie Cook, Casey Cudmore, Matt Goodson, Preston Goodson, Asia Howard, Jeffrey Hunt, Paul Landri, Fiona Leonard, Adam Ross, TJ Ruth, Parris Sarter, & Thomas Trinh.

About The Dunwich Horror

Based on the short story by H.P. Lovecraft. Adapted by Thomas Fuller
and used by permission of his estate.

Directed by Ellie Cook

An isolated town in New England holds to “the old ways” and does not welcome outsiders. The Whateley family is isolated even within the town–old father and daughter keeping to themselves in a crumbling house on a hill. But Lavinia Whateley’s strange child, fascinated with his grandfather’s occult books, sparks rumors among the villagers, and soon the air is filled with fear. Classic radio play sound effects and atmosphere create a terrifying tale perfect for the Halloween season.

Produced by Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, presented by Georgia Ensemble Theatre.

About those tickets…

Click here to purchase tickets from $15-$25 with single and group streaming pricing options.

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