A podcast created by Atlanta locals is bringing new works by up and coming screenwriters to the spotlight in a unique way.

In “Six Page Scripts,” a team of writers has come together to celebrate writers by holding readings of short scripts- anywhere from two to ten pages. The creators call it an educational podcast, “by screenwriters, for screenwriters.”

“Screenwriting is an incredibly undervalued job in the film industry,” writes the Six Page Scripts team. “Our goal is to celebrate and publicize the writers that create your favorite stories.”

All aspiring screenwriters are encouraged to submit works to be read on the podcast. As part of each episode, the team not only reads the scripts but adds their professional take on the piece.

“Unlike Hollywood where the line is usually, ‘We love it, but [insert long list
of everything they don’t love],’ we aim to highlight and celebrate what
works well in the scripts, as well as tips and advice on how the writers can
improve them.” writes the SPS team. “In addition to valuable (we hope) feedback, featured writers come away from the show with a quality audio production of their script that they can share with producers, or simply their friends, family and social networks.”

They say their podcast has industry-wide value that extends beyond just writers.

“Listeners also benefit from hearing the feedback, as every script we workshop – even the great ones – have specific and unique teachable moments and techniques that they can apply to their own writing.”

So far, the team has produced four episodes, all of which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and basically anywhere else you listen to your podcasts.

About the team

We are a group of writers with a shared love for creating stories for the screen. Altogether, we have years of experience working in writers’ rooms for well-known TV shows, running a film production company, working various jobs on film sets, and spending most of our time learning about and improving our own screenwriting skills. We’ve also struggled, like most writers, with getting our ideas to an audience. That’s where this podcast comes in.

We hope to provide a new platform, accessible to any screenwriter, which will let your stories be heard by hundreds. Our ultimate goal is to bring screenwriters into the spotlight for a change, celebrating our craft and creating relationships between writers and the fans and film professionals who can be huge allies in future career opportunities.

-Creators Mitch Olson, Jason Faust, Kelley Bostian, Laura McCarter

For more information, to donate, listen to the podcast, or submit a script, visit www.sixpagescripts.com/.

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