Photo courtesy the Fox Theatre.

Chances are you’ve never given the floor of the Fox Theatre much thought, but did you know that you’re walking on a woven bit of history? Here are some other fun facts:

  • The Fox Theatre carpet design is based on photographs and a sample of the original carpet installed in 1929.
  • The design of the theatre carpet has symbols representing the Shriners and William Fox.
  • Sheep from both New Zealand and Scotland produced the wool mixture that is woven into the carpet.
  • Bloomsberg Carpet Industries custom-made the Fox Theatre’s Auditorium, Gallery, and Egyptian Ballroom carpets. More than one acre of carpet was made.
  • The original carpet in the Egyptian Ballroom was made in Ireland.
  • The same company who custom-made the Fox Theatre’s carpet also produces the Supreme Court and Senate’s carpet.
  • The recent carpet installation took 21 days and over 900 man hours to complete.
  • The Fox Theatre replaces this special carpet every 18-20 years.
  • In January 2017, carpet was installed in the gallery section of the auditorium, covering the original linoleum flooring so it looks uniform with the rest of the theatre. This is the first time since Opening Day, in 1929, that carpet has been in this section of the auditorium.
  • Additional carpet is always ordered for attic stock in case it is needed for repairing the existing carpet.
  • The yarn was processed and dyed in North Georgia and woven in Pennsylvania.

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