If there’s one thing the theatre community is notorious for, it’s resilience. Historically, when times have been tough, artists have come together to show the world that there is hope, no matter what the circumstances.

As COVID-19 has sequestered us all to the comfort of our homes, the Atlanta theatre community has made it possible for us to see our local artists in action. Whether it be reading children’s books, making dance master-class videos, or even recording entire performances, our city’s local thespians are far from taking a covid-cation.

Today’s taste of local theatre talent comes from Synchronicity Theatre, streaming their production of Wayfinding, available through March 29.

Click here to watch the performance, and use password “wayfinding”!

Synchronicity Theatre is offering a chance for patrons to see their most recent and short-lived show Wayfinding for whatever they can pay. The performance was filmed on March 13 before the company had to cancel the final weeks of their run.

The theatre says, “Watch the video performance of Wayfinding for free, and offer up a donation to help cover the costs of paying our artists for the cancelled two weeks of the run – $5 or $100 – any donation appreciated!”

Click here to donate to the theatre as you enjoy their show!

About Wayfinding

Everyone in Jane’s life dies, and she’s starting to think it’s because of her. Harrison is flaky, indecisive, and unable to make the biggest commitment of his life. When Jane and Harrison’s paths intertwine, they embark on a journey that seals their fates. Wayfinding, a new play by Whitney Rowland, is an unexpected, magical experience that explores what it means to love, lose, and find your place in the universe.

Behind the production

  • Video team: Felipe Barral, Amanda Sachtleben, Dan Bauman
  • Playwright: Whitney Rowland
  • Director: Rachel May
  • Cast:
  • Sarah Elizabeth Wallis – Jane
  • Ben Thorpe – Harrison
  • Charlie T. Thomas – Les
  • Evan Vihlen – Davis/Matthew/Cast
  • Diany Rodriguez – Officer/Doctor/Cast

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