Pictured above: Carlos Unzueta, Erik Poger Abrahamsen, and Danielle Hopkins. Photo by Greg Mooney.

If there’s one thing the theatre community is notorious for, it’s resilience. Historically, when times have been tough, artists have come together to show the world that there is hope, no matter what the circumstances.

As COVID-19 has sequestered us all to the comfort of our homes, the Atlanta theatre community has made it possible for us to see our local artists in action. Whether it be reading children’s books, making dance master-class videos, or even recording entire performances, our city’s local thespians have been far from taking a covid-cation.

Today’s Atlanta theatre snippet comes from our Tony Award-winning venue, the Alliance Theatre, presenting a stream of Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Experience!

Click here to watch the family musical, now available through March 29!

The Alliance says, “We may have had to cancel our live performances of Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed this season, but you can still rock on and rock online! Available through March 29, you can stream a video of our production from the comfort of your own home. Clothing optional.”

Click here to access the musical and many digital extras!

How it works:

  • Choose your date! Pick a date between now and March 29 to view the video. Your video link will be sent to you in an email on the morning you select at 9AM and will be available to view for 48 hours.
  • Choose a payment option! Pricing starts at $5 to access the video. Pay the price that works for you, and when you choose your price think about the number of people you will watch it with. Remember that whatever amount you pay supports the work of the Alliance.  
Filmed and post-produced by Felipe Barral and IGNI Productions.

About Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Experience

Children’s book author and artist Mo Willems (Knuffle Bunny, Elephant and Piggie’s We Are In a Play) brings another lovable character to life in this exciting family musical. Grab your friends and watch as Wilbur, a clothes-loving mole rat with exceptional style, navigates the pressure to be just like everyone else. With tail-shaking tunes, empowering messages of individuality, and classic Mo Willems humor, this musical is sure to rock audiences of all ages.

This production contains haze, fog, rapid lighting effects, and loud rock music.

Behind the production

  • Book and Lyrics by Mo Willems
  • Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma
  • Based on the book “Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed” by Mo Willems
  • Directed by Leora Morris

Inside the program

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