The Atlanta Ballet opens its 90th anniversary season with a program featuring pieces from choreographers Ricardo Amarante, Liam Scarlett, Claudia Schreier, and Dwight Rhoden.

Described as “emotionally charged and intoxicatingly beautiful works,” Love Fear Loss will perform September 20 – 22. Check out photos and more information on the four works below!

Love Fear Loss
Inspired by the poignant personal life of French singer Édith Piaf and her music, Brazilian choreographer Ricardo Amarante’s Love Fear Loss follows the love story of the late songstress through her classic works. Exploring the arc from the high of new love, through the fear of waning intimacy, to the ultimate tragic loss of her great love, Amarante’s work is a touching tribute that is both dazzling and heartbreaking. Ultimately, it is a celebration of the human condition and the beauty that arises from even the darkest moments in life.

After its 2017 North American debut in Atlanta, famed British choreographer Liam Scarlett’s Vespertine returns. This sensual powerhouse production incited audible gasps of delight from the audience from the moment the curtain rose on the arresting tableau. Hypnotic and alluring, it will thrill once again this fall.

First Impulse
Accompanying the fall lineup is the world premiere of First Impulse from rising, New York-based choreographer Claudia Schreier. A recent Princess Grace Award recipient for choreography, Schreier’s neoclassical style is rooted in contemporary ballet concepts with her work offering a grounded intimacy. The couple’s bodies yield to one another, morphing them into one form as limbs lock in sinuous embrace. This work was commissioned by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.

The program will also include a special guest performance by Complexions Contemporary Ballet before the company’s founding artistic director, Dwight Rhoden, returns in February to create a world premiere on Atlanta Ballet. Complexions will be performing a compilation of excerpts from last year’s premiere of WOKE. The music uses some original and sampled symphonic textures.

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