Based on the popular Adam Sandler movie, The Wedding Singer transports audiences to the decade of big hair and popped collars. Life of the party Robbie Hart is the most popular wedding singer in all New Jersey, until his fiancé leaves him at the altar. Heartbroken, Robbie ruins weddings and makes enemies of wedding guests with his newly-disenchanted opinion about weddings. With the help of his bandmates and grandmother, Robbie gets back on his feet. Robbie finds love again with a waitress, Julia, who has some less-than-ideal wedding plans of her own: she is engaged to Wall Street shark Glen. Watch Robbie and Julia find their way through love’s challenges to the tunes of energetic, ‘80s-inspired songs and with totally righteous ‘80s-inspired costumes.


Feature photo: Chase Peacock and Rosa Karina Campos star in The Wedding Singer. Photo by Jamie Katz Photography.