WE’RE CREEPING ever so slowly out of winter and into spring. Despite stubbornly fickle temperatures, that means a new fashion season is upon us. This doesn’t necessarily mean trading your entire wardrobe for something new. You might just want to keep an eye on what trends are rocking runways, glossy editorial shoots and social media, and then pick and choose. Here are a few of the bigger ideas.

Gelato hues

Pastel hues for spring are nothing new, but they’re once again a main trend. This go-round, they sound a bit tastier, though, with the tag “gelato hues.”

Top to toe is the way to go. The trend calls for layering the same pastel color over and over in one outfit. The luxury ready-to-wear label Sies Marjan recently sent models down the runway in pistachio; high-end retailer Hermès opted for buttermilk blazers, trousers and handbags. The highlight of the latest editorial shoot by fashion house Nina Ricci is a combination of lemon-yellow loose-fit trousers and vest top cinched in at the waist with a belt of a similar tone.

Not that brave? You can begin by testing smooth-toned scarves, handbags or shoes.

Pins and patches

Many of us might associate pins and patches with the 1980s punk movement or the serving staff at TGI Fridays. But you can incorporate this trend subtly into any outfit. One or two will do. Pins and patches are more than an accessory. You can express yourself through them.

There are plenty of political pins and badges out there that will show your allegiance to a particular party. There are social movement badges that help you show off the part you play in, or your solidarity with, a specific movement. There also are pins and patches just for fun, with references to pop culture, music, movies, television and even memes.


Denim is the titan of textiles, so it’s always in fashion. Think about it: Jeans are the go-to item for many of us when getting dressed each day. However, the fit, cut and wash of denim tends to change each season. 

This spring and summer look for dark, selvedge denim. (Selvedge refers to a construction method that uses strips of fabric with tightly woven bands at each side to prevent fraying. Hence the name “self edge” or “selvedge.”) 

Dark, selvedge denim was last big in 2000, but Tom Ford, Nina Ricci and Versus are among those bringing it back. Look for items with a neat finish rather than rips and tears. Tailored fits are preferred to more casual styles. Remember, a great pair of jeans never goes out of style. Think of it as an investment piece.

Trench coats

These are the ultimate springtime coats. They’re not as bulky as your winter coat but still protect you from a slight chill and winds. They’re also a classic that can be worn over almost any ensemble. When talking trench, most people think of the pricy versions made by Burberry.

You need not go there. Look, instead, for High Street alternatives or in vintage stores. You’d be surprised how many original Burberry trench coats are lying about in charity shops and boutiques. They might not be from the latest line, but they’ll be affordable, and the signature style has varied little in recent years.


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