Vital Life – Midtown is a Life University chiropractic and functional neurology Center for Health and Optimum Performance. They are a vitalistic wellness center built on a respect for the body as an intelligent expression of life, clinically focused on the nervous system and devoted to caring for people from birth to 101. Their innovative and world-class office takes a comprehensive view of healthcare, with services tailored to help people regain their health naturally and then optimize their health potential so that each person can live their best life.

The services at Vital Life Health Center are non-invasive, patient-centered and focused on improving overall health with an emphasis on whole family well-being. This is care that takes your health goals into account, and we know you will feel at home here.

1 Baltimore Place, Ste. 100, Atlanta, Ga. (678) 331-4500. New patient information.

Photo by Palmer Rubin.