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They’re back!

After taking the summer of 2016 off, the Weird Sisters Theatre Project announced a change in leadership; the new team has now announced its inaugural lineup of shows.

The Weird 2017 season, featuring only works written by women, includes a developmental workshop, a world premiere comedy and a collection of original short works. Details:

  • The Pretty Girl Basket TossA spring workshop staging written and directed by Rebekah Suellau.
  • Dangerous Women. An immersive evening of short plays inspired by true crimes committed by women, in the tradition of Grand Guignol (short dramas stressing horror and sensationalism that began in France).

Weird Sisters is led by actor-writer-producer Shelli Delgado, actor Rachel Frawley, actor-director Kate Donadio MacQueen, director Julie Skrzypek and playwright-producer Rebekah Suellau. They succeeded founders Kelly Criss, Veronika Duerr, Jaclyn Hofmann, Megan Rose Houchins and Tiffany Porter, who remain on the board of directors.

Weird Sisters was one of three producers — along with 7 Stages and Synchronicity Theatre — of an anti-inauguration staging of Lauren Gunderson’s The Taming, a wildly popular sold-0ut event tht raised money for the ACLU.

Look for details soon on locations, specific dates and ticket prices for the new season.

Newly Weird (from left) Julie Skrzypek , Shelli Delgado, Rebekah Sellau, Kate Donadio MacQueen and xxxx. Photo: Casey Gardner
Newly Weird (from left) Julie Skrzypek, Shelli Delgado, Rebekah Suellau, Kate Donadio MacQueen and Rachel Frawley. Photo: Casey Gardner

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