If you’ve ever wanted to buy a meal for someone in the armed services, Mellow Mushroom in Brookhaven gives you your chance on Saturday.

The pizza palace will collect donations of breakfast and snack foods to send to the roughly 2,200 soldiers serving in the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan. Patrons who bring in specific food items for the troops between 2 and 8 p.m. will receive 15 percent off their own meal (excluding alcohol).

What’s needed: muscle milk, protein shakes, Carnation or similar brand breakfast shakes, protein and cereal bars, individually packaged blueberry muffins, cereal-in-a-cup, single-serve containers of milk (the kind that doesn’t require refrigeration) and nonperishable breakfast foods.

Non-culinary gifts for the troops are also welcome. Write a thank-you note, for example, or send along a book. The 10th Mountain Division is one of the most frequently deployed units in the Army. Details: Call the restaurant at 404.266.1661 or visit its Facebook page.


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