The beauty of live performance is that it isn’t passive. We can’t help but emotionally engage with the performers and artistry onstage. For a few short hours, we are transformed by what we hear and see. When the lights first dim, we are strangers. By the time the final curtain falls, we have become a community, united in our shared experience.

For the past 10 years, Encore Atlanta has delighted in drawing back the curtain to bring you behind-the-scenes insights: how the opera was written, what the composer went through, the secret life of the actor onstage, from where the dancer, the choreographer, costume or scenic designer drew inspiration.

As we enter a new decade, we are delighted to be able to create a whole new experience for you as you attend shows at the Fox Theatre, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Opera and Alliance Theatre: interactive, video-enhanced show programs. Certain pages and advertisements in our October anniversary issue and subsequent issues will be embedded with a technology known as augmented reality.

Now, when you read a story, you’ll be able to scan the page and see a video interview or previews of upcoming shows. Ads might leap from the page. To see these messages, you need a mobile device and you need to download the Theatre Plus Network app from iTunes or Google Play. They’re free.

To see how it works in real life, go the digital edition of our October issue and experience augmented reality for yourself.

Encore Atlanta Publisher Sherry Madigan White explains it all for you in this interview with AM 1690:

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