Now that green is the new black, eco-consciousness can be seen and felt everywhere, from Smart Cars and low-flow toilets to farm-to-table fare, but is it applicable to a night on the town? With that question in mind, and tickets to a show at the Fox in hand, I decided to explore some eco-friendly date night options.

Using Google Maps, I plotted my course. Since I don’t live within walking distance to a MARTA station, I cheated a little — I drove to Lindbergh Station. A swipe of our Breeze Cards and my significant other and I were waiting for the train. Ten minutes later, we exited at Peachtree Center Station, albeit a little disoriented. Good ol’ southern hospitality guided us toward Luckie Street, where we entered green restaurant Ted’s Montana Grill four minutes later.

At Ted’s, the flavorful American fare is paired with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Right away, I noticed the unusual polymer-coated paper drinking straws, brown recycled butcher paper table coverings, and recycled paper menus. Surprisingly, the bison burger (Ted’s specialty) was just as flavorful as its beef counterpart, but healthier (hormone-free) and more environmentally friendly. Since we were in a rush to make it to the Fox, I asked for my coffee to go. The cup looked like ordinary plastic, but the server assured me it wasn’t; it actually was made of compostable cornstarch.

Feeling satisfied, we made our way back to MARTA outpost, where we waited eight minutes for a train to take us on a two-minute ride to the North Avenue station. From there, it was a four-minute walk (or a two-minute run, not easy in heels!) to the Fox. We made it just in time for the opening number, so I made a mental note to give myself more time for future eco-adventures (and to leave the heels at home).

After the show, I was reenergized and ready for the 10-minute walk to Beleza, my choice restaurant/lounge for organic drinks. We braved the unexpected rainstorm and made it to Beleza ready for a Caja Crush — a sweet, floral drink made with the pulp of the Brazilian fruit, elderflower syrup, limejuice and prairie. Sitting in the nature-inspired lounge sipping this antioxidant-rich, vitamin-packed cocktail, I quickly forgot all about being damp.

Ultimately, there were a few minor oversights, but green date night was a success. It felt good to do our part to preserve the environment, and the added perk of not having to deal with the hassle and expense of Midtown parking … well, that was nice, too.