Shape Up

By Katie Main

Who said working out had to be boring? Several studios in Atlanta offer a way to exercise your creativity as well as your body…

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Solar motion

By Taylor Dahl EMotion Solar Media Player by Media Street  ($169) lets you watch music videos, read your favorite book, listen to mp3s and play Super Mario. The twist is: …

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The animal and the machine

By Kristi Casey Sanders

Les Misérables changed Robert Evan’s life. In 1989, the University of Georgia football player took a date to see the musical at The Fox Theatre. “I didn’t know what I was going to see, and it floored me emotionally,” Evan remembers. At that moment, the business major decided he needed to be on stage. Within a year, he was performing with Chris Manos’ Theater of the Stars and had earned his Actor’s Equity card. Three months after moving to New York in 1992, he made his Broadway debut — as one of Les Misérables’ students on the barricade. He is excited to return to the Fox Theatre as Jean Valjean, the musical’s heroic lead…

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Mobile art

By Kelundra Smith The Atlanta Botanical Garden’s “Sculpture in Motion: Art Choreographed by Nature” exhibit features kinetic art that moves through interaction with people, wind, water or solar energy. Inspired …

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Tyler Perry's The Marriage Counselor

When asked what Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor is about, Palmer Williams Jr., says it’s an instruction manual about how to live a better life. “It’s a relationship story about good and evil. It’s about a hard-working accountant who is married to a marriage counselor who feels neglected.”…

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