More than 400,000 people live in South DeKalb County, but they’ve been without an arts center for more than 20 years. That should change by next December, however, when the DeKalb Performing Arts & Community Center opens.

The $11 million facility broke ground in mid-September on the site of the former Mathis Dairy farm on Rainbow Drive, south of I-20, off Candler Road. When completed, it will have a 500-seat theater, a 104-seat “black box” theater, function space, an art gallery and classrooms. The main programming focus will be on music, but other arts will be represented, with neighboring Wonderland Gardens operating an interactive educational center.

Next year, construction will begin on an $8 million multi-generational center located near the arts center at Exchange Park.


Update April 9, 2009: The building is open and is called the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Community Center. You can see pictures of it here.

For more information, contact DeKalb County Arts & Cultural Services.

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  1. I would like to do some volunteer work at the center.
    Please contact,

  2. Greetings,

    I am interested in the possibility of performing a play at this venue in 2010. I’ve made contact and left a message for an individual who’s info was provided on your site and have not received a call back. Please provide a number and/or the process in which I would need to follow. Thanks in advance.

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