Gen X and Y never gave up their toys; they made them an art form. Witness the Munny toy (starting at $25 for a mini), a blank vinyl doll owners are encouraged to personalize with crayons, markers, spray paint, acrylics and whatever else tickles their fancy. These “blank slates” have become the focus of group art shows from New York to Seattle, and inspired spin-off merchandise, such as bags, T-shirts, jewelry and the Dunny, a DIY vinyl rabbit. Munnys come in white, pink, yellow, black and glow, and range in size from itsy-bitsy to huggable.

How to find:

Available online or at The Toy Store in Ansley Mall, 1544 Piedmont Rd., Ste. 222, Midtown, 404-875-1137; and Urban Outfitters , Lenox Square Mall, 3393 Peachtree Rd. N.E., 404-264-8849.