Welcome to the 21st century where a pet rabbit can give you the weather forecast, play foreign radio broadcasts, deliver messages from friends, and wake you up with news headlines and the local traffic report. Of course, this is no regular rabbit; it’s the Nabaztag/tag ($149-189), a smart object designed by French company Violet. The cute plastic bunny is connected to the Internet by Wifi technology and may be programmed to read out RSS feeds or blogs, text messages and e-mails, play MP3s and alert you when your friends are online. It can sing, do a bit of tai chi, podcast and get married to other rabbits as well as give friendly advice and weekly sum-ups. Best of all, it can transmit your voice to loved ones if you’re running late or are far from home.

Where to buy:

Available in select Best Buy stores, call 888-BEST-BUY for locations. Or, order online from Nabaztag.com.