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January 2015


Alvin Ailey duo says their intimacy creates beautiful partnership

In keeping with a winter tradition in Atlanta, Alvin Ailey returns to the Fox Theatre with three programs. No matter which you see, you’ll catch husband-and-wife Glenn and Linda Sims in showcase moments.

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December 30, 2014

“Newsies” and “Fansies” are one of those great intertwined pop cultural phenomena, in which a movie/book/TV series and a devoted, even obsessive fan base, help elevate each other to giddy new heights.

A new ‘Phantom’ for a new time

October 10, 2014

Although this updated staging has new costumes, sets and technical wizardry, it’s less about design elements than sensibility.

Happy (and you know it)

September 2, 2014

Sweden has a 40-year history of sunny pop music so infectiously happy, it would give Pharrell Williams a sugar high. And it all started with ABBA.

The bewitching Liz McCartney

June 11, 2014

Broadway regular Liz McCartney is often cast in juicy supporting roles — Ursula in “The Little Mermaid” being the latest, and she slurps them up with gusto.

Another suitcase in another town

May 21, 2014

Josh Young says he’s having the time of his life as Che in “Evita.”Critics have called his work “remarkable” and “mesmerizing.” One called him a “superstar in the making.” But the greatest honor, he says, was being compared to idol Mandy Patinkin, who created the role of Che in 1979 and won the best-actor Tony for doing so.

Concerts, comedy & companions

May 6, 2014

Comic Mike Epps and entertainers extraordinaire Garrison Keillor and Eddie Izzard are among the acts headed to the former movie palace on Peachtree Street.

2014 Fox film fest: ‘Poppins,’ King Kong populate 14-movie lineup

April 29, 2014

The summer film festival lineup at the Fox Theatre features 14 events, including a “Mary Poppins” sing-along, a Mel Brooks double bill and the classic “King Kong.”


March 31, 2014

Although “The Lion King” has been on the road since 2002, it’s one of the most complicated ever to take on a national tour. The North American company travels in 18 trucks; 14 are tractor-trailers that haul duplicates of everything: sets, lighting, puppets, etc.

‘One of the world’s greatest theaters’

March 3, 2014

Opened in 1929, nearly demolished and dramatically rescued in the the 1970s, the Fox Theatre has been on a roll as it nears its official 85th birthday this year.

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